• Discounted prices on a wide range of products and services

  • Reduces overall costs as well as costs to patients

  • Offers ancillary services to help increase value

HaloDoc is a Group Purchasing Organization that provides access to vendor contracts for discounted pricing on a wide range of healthcare products for healthcare providers and healthcare facilities in categories such as dispensing, toxicology, diagnostic testing and more. In addition, HaloDoc participants receive a number of other benefits as well.

HaloDoc Mission Statement

To connect Participants with the knowledge, solutions and expertise that accelerates performance and improves business to help deliver exceptional, cost-effective care.

Participant Benefits

What works for our members




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What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

“A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that helps healthcare providers (such as hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies [and physician practices]) realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.”

– Healthcare Supply Chain Association

Standard GPO Services

  • Contract Negotiations with Vendors
  • Provides services and discounts to Participants
  • Compliance with GPO laws and regulations

What HaloDoc Does

  • Negotiate contracts with Vendors for discounted pricing on products and services within the healthcare arena as well as items used in their practices for purchase by the GPO Participants
  • Provide services and discounts to HaloDoc Participants
  • HaloDoc Does Not Purchase Products and Services on Behalf of its Participants it just brings the power of the National Brand to them

Participants benefit by the ability to purchase the products and services at a discounted cost negotiated by HaloDoc

Strategic Initiatives

Become a key partner to healthcare organizations

  • Connect members to learn, improve and build together
  • Provide market-leading solutions with Vendors that address the needs of HaloDoc’s Participants
  • Create a positive member experience

Become a leader in healthcare innovation

  • Provide market-driven insights that anticipate and address Participant opportunities
  • Continued effort to deliver new innovations

Accelerate our growth

  • Grow our Participant’s value
  • Grow our network of Vendor’s and solutions
  • Grow HaloDoc’s overall value